Cultivate a strong, interactive community of local farmers and food producers.

Support local food production by providing education and economic opportunities for farmers and artisans.

Provide opportunities, challenges, and experiences for our children that teach them how to be leaders and stewards of the earth.

Develop a model other towns can replicate or adapt to create stronger, more active, informed, and engaged communities.

Our Values

These are the values that guide us at Eastman’s Corner.


We believe that everyone has the ability to be a leader and you can lead from anywhere. Speak up. Make bold choices.  Find your passion and live it.


Laugh often. Explore the woods and hills. Let your wings catch the breeze. Let your imagination soar.


Community is about people caring for each other, working together to create the best world we can for ourselves, our children, and our children’s children.


Connect with people. Take time to listen. Be kind. Be open. Be real.


Make choices that leave the world a better place. Give of yourself. Share your gifts. Offer your help.


Get outside. Be in nature. Observe her wisdom. See her beauty. Celebrate her diversity. Feel her spirit.